A Web Developer must communicate effectively in the client’s language and listen attentively at all times in order to avoid surprises.

It sounds easy, but it seems to be quite a challenge for many web developers. That’s because the kind of focus and intense introspection quality coding requires often results in a strong desire to ‘just get it done’ without the corollary need to explain what it is you are doing. At Mentel we remind ourselves often and make use of client liaisons in our company whose focus is always on informing the client, and keeping all members of our team in the loop. What we have found is it’s not good enough to “just get it done”, it’s also vitally important to always communicate what “it” is that you are doing and why you are doing it because that often leads to seeing even better ways to get it done along the way.

A Web Developer must always act in the best interests of the Client.

Everyone who accomplishes anything is committed to something. Without a high level of commitment projects fall apart the moment an obstacle appears. However, the deeper question is what exactly are you committed to? If it’s just about the money you’ll find plenty of people willing to do unethical things to cut corners and shave a few dollars off their expenses. If it’s only about the project, you’ll find dreamers who want to build the best widget without any regard for deadlines or client feedback. At Mentel we are committed to our clients. We adopt your goals and act as a surrogate for your vision. When we build what you had in mind, and help you improve it along the way, we have done our duty to our clients and ourselves.

A Web Developer must be accountable for their quality of work and will not expect payment when in violation of any of the 3 laws.

There are only 2 reasons why you would pay a developer for work that you’re not happy with:

1. They’re your full time employee so not only will you pay them but you’ll pay them again to do it right.
2. You already paid them in advance.

At Mentel, you’ll never be expected to pay for something that you’re justifiably not happy with. You’ll also never pay for anything in advance. This reverse risk policy puts Mentel head and shoulders above industry norms..