Some business owners mistakenly believe that finding a freelancer will result in a more affordable price for the same or similar work. The truth is, development doesn’t really work that way.

First and foremost, our rates are competitive with most freelancers. How do we know this? We compete with freelancers all the time. We also hire terrific coders and developers who used to be freelancers. Mentel maintains a ‘start-up mentality’ even though we have been around for years and have completed complex projects for many Fortune 500 level firms.

When you hire Mentel, you aren’t paying for every employee at our firm. Your pricing is based only on the staff that will actually be working on your projects. That’s no different than the way a freelancer determines their proposed price… but here is what is different:

If your freelancer gets sick, has a family emergency, loses their at home internet connection, encounters bad weather or makes up any of a million other excuses you end up sitting there hoping they come back to work. If you have already invested money in their work, you are now stuck choosing to either cut your losses and experiment with another freelancer, or you become the full time marriage counselor, life coach and therapist for a freelancer you need to coax across the finish line just to get your work done. Mentel does not treat you like that… ever.
At Mentel if any member of the staff becomes ill, we have many others who can keep your project moving forward smoothly in the interim. Our detailed timelines and clear communication (in house with staff and externally with you) makes it easy for any member of our team to step in and complete projects by your deadlines. And if we ever encounter a Mentel team member who requires therapy, we have a great health care plan that allows them to go see a professional therapist…. We never waste your time or resources because we aren’t freelancers. We are professionals working together with our clients to clear away all obstacles and accomplish amazing things together!