Life at Mentel

The quality of our service is equal to the quality of our people. We try to create an environment that people like to spend time in. And with many people here for over 10 years, we think that we’re on the right track!

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by the numbers

38 Developers divided into small teams Php Full Stack Ruby Ruby on Rails Front-end Integration & UX Design e-Commerce Magento Certified
We work in small teams.
Each team has its own weekly meeting.

5 33 32 average age
35% have kids

390h Spent in average for a project

Frameworks we love

100% Laravel

Our Projects

20% Rescue 30% Support 40% Built in 10% Staffing

A Typical week

60% Coding 20% Scrum 10% Review 10% Studies


32% French 21% English 25% Portuguese 22% Others

Laravel lover & cookie ninja

Let Tommy speak about his experience as a senior Php Web Developer at Mentel.

Why work for Mentel?

Keeping our employees happy is what make us a great place to work.

  • Free Healthy food
  • Free coffee, tea and snacks to keep you awake
  • Healthcare & dental insurance
  • Group RRSP
  • Flexible hours
  • Outstanding downtown location
  • FREE Beer

Communication and Fun


At Mentel, our mission is to provide the best quality service possible while always communicating honestly and transparently. We’re constantly striving to do the right thing and have fun while working together as a team to achieve goals.


At Mentel, everyday we apply constant and never ending improvement (CANI) when it comes to the quality of service and work environment in order to position ourselves as that great company that everyone wants to work with.


At Mentel, our values consist of three main pillars: Transparency, Communication and Fun. We believe that it’s only possible to provide great services if we communicate properly with transparency, and if we have fun working with them. Mentel can afford to choose the projects on which we want to work

Giving Back

Some of the past and present Non-Profits that Mentel has helped or collaborated with.

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Mentel is the best place to work, according to everyone who works here. We know because we do surveys often and we listen to what the team wants. If you have terrific skills and actually care about what clients want, to learn more about working with Mentel in-office or remotely with the most amazing developers ever assembled, contact us today via: