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Get Peace of Mind, Click Here to Contact us Now!At Mentel, we pride ourselves on getting the job done right. Whether you have a new project, need help on an existing project, or need to be rescued from an offshore nightmare, we won’t stop until it’s done right…Guaranteed.

All of Mentel’s developers, designers and system administrators are full time employees that work out of our Canadian office. Mentel does not outsource or subcontract any work…Period. Mentel’s flexible solutions allow for quick start dates. We don’t require mountains of red tape or long-term commitments.

Mentel’s “no money down” policy helps build trust and takes the risk away from our clients. Mentel is so confident in its ability; we provide a free test drive! If you’re not happy after the first week of work, walk away and you don’t pay!

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Strengths of our Team

Tight budgets, increased complexity, time to market pressures and changing requirements make it extremely beneficial to have a diversified IT & Web Development Team. Mentel’s full service offering is complemented by our team’s knowledge in many web programming languages and methodologies.

We consider that an application must be scalable and optimised for the best performance possible. This includes all that a web application requires to function, from the network layer all the way up to the front end. A scalable robust architecture is always considered when we design a solution, as much as its usability and of course, its marketability. After all, our customers expect their products to succeed, and our job is getting them there.

Our resource pool is located in one of the top technology hubs in North America, allowing us to draw on some of the brightest talent in the industry.

Some of our clients

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Mentel Moments is a concept put in place to promote customer satisfaction within our company. This program recognizes moments when an employee goes out of his way to satisfy a customer.

Although effectively completing a project for a customer is expected and appreciated, that alone is not considered a Mentel Moment. It has to be something unique that is ultimately gratifying to the customer. Something special.

Mentel Moments have now become a source of pride for our employees, and they are constantly looking for opportunities to create one.

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